I’m Jared Styan.

In 2018, I ran up the highest mountain in Australia in my pyjamas to raise money for the Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation. I did this because that year I had been volunteering in a children’s hospital and had many heartbreaking, moving and humbling experiences. Seeing children who were bored and lonely in the hospital and possibly had terminal illnesses broke my heart and motivated me like nothing before.

This was my first endurance run. We raised over $5000 for the charity, were featured on the news, radio and in multiple articles in Australia.

running to the highest mountain in Australia. jared styan

After travelling through South America, moving to Peru and becoming a qualified English Teacher I started to plan the next adventure and mission.

In 2019, I ran up a 5800-meter volcano in Southern Peru to raise money for Headspace who help people with mental illness. I have had troubles my whole life with mental illness and wanted to show people that it’s not a disability and that you can achieve anything you can imagine. I ran for 13 hours straight, got through altitude sickness (after lots of training), raised over $1500 for Headspace and was again featured in multiple articles and the news in Australia.

I currently live in Peru, studying Spanish, working as an English Teacher, blogging, volunteering at an NGO and planning my next adventure

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