What To Do If You Have Problems Sleeping


In our crazy, weird, modern world, a lack of sleep or bad quality sleep has become a lot more common. Do you know what to do if you have problems sleeping? For some people, this can seem like an insurmountable problem. You may toss and turn for hours and feel hopeless about getting any sleep for the third day in a row. Or maybe you just have the occasional trouble with sleep. Either way, sleep seriously affects your mental and physical well-being so it is important to get it right.

Get into the right mindset

No matter how difficult your sleeping issues are, you are not going to die from it. If you really have problems, go to the doctor and even if you have problems after that, other steps may be taken but, basically, you are going to be okay no matter what.

Instil this fact into your mind. You are going to be okay no matter how bad your sleeping problem. Often our minds get caught in cyclical traps. We get worried that we’re worrying and then worry more because we’re worrying about worrying. Know that even if you don’t sleep you will be okay. So you might as well relax, right?

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Focus on your routine

Make sure you are going to bed at the same time each day. Set alarms on your phone and promise yourself that you will go to bed at that time even if you have more work you ‘should do’. Wake up at the same time too. This will help your body to know when it is time to relax and get ready for sleep.

Work on and develop your daily routine too. Everyone has their own preferences but having a form of exercise and time to relax is important in every routine.

Exercise during the day

Exercise exhausts your body so that it will be more ready to sleep. Try to exercise everyday with at least 4 of those days being strenuous exercise. You should be sweating during the strenuous exercise by doing things like jogging, cycling, weights, dancing, soccer etc.

Exercise during the day helps you sleep.


Meditation has become more widely popular recently and for good reason. It has been proven to have a range of benefits. Meditation is a crucial factor in figuring out what to do if you have problems sleeping.

You can use guided meditation, apps or a simple timer. All you need to do is find a focal point (most commonly breathing) and observe it. This helps your mind to calm down and it teaches you to let thoughts go rather than hold on to them or chase them around in your head.

Listen to white noise or relaxing music

Having something to drown out all other noises such as white noise or music can help your mind to unwind and reduce the time you spend tossing and turning. Putting on a fan or heater can be effective. There are also applications you can get for your phone which will play rain, wind or ambient musical sounds.

Goto a therapist or psychologist

The problems you have with sleeping may not be simple or easy to fix. It may be more to do with your mental health or a situation in your life. In that case, it is important to investigate further so you can find and tackle the root of the problem. Seeing a doctor (therapist, psychologist) is the best way to do this.

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