The Mysterious Nazca Lines of Peru


There are countless mysteries still left unsolved on this planet, but perhaps one of the most intriguing and enigmatic are the Nazca Lines in Southern Peru.

What Are They?

Delicately etched into the desert grounds of Nazca, Peru lie more than 300 geometric shapes which seem to represent various types of birds, animals and shapes.

These lines are so massive that they can only be seen in their entirety from the skies, and that’s an important part of the mystery. How did a pre-Incan society make such impressive lines over 2000 years ago with such little technology? And for what reason?

Being a subject of heavy interest and intensive research since their discovery in 1926, the Nazca Lines still remain shrouded in uncertainty. But new lines are still being discovered as recently as 2019 when the use of 3D image technology and artificial intelligence allowed a team of researchers to uncover 143 new geoglyphs.

image of the ant of the nazca lines

What is Their Purpose?

Anything that’s significant and inexplicable always has outrageous theories that follow it. The Nazca lines are no different. Theories stretch from alien landing strips to astronomical maps and everywhere in between.

Perhaps one of the most promising theories comes from the book The Nazca Lines: A New Perspective on their Origin and Meaning. Through his words and research, Reinhard argues that the lines served as a religious ritual where the people of Nazca would pray to the gods for water and the fertilization of the surrounding land.

Another popular theory is that the lines were made as a sort-of astronomical guide to map out where different constellations of stars were in the sky.

A similar theory connects the lines to a system for making meteorological predictions by observing the movements of the sun and moon through the mathematical precision of the lines.

the bird geoglyph from the nazca lines

The Astronaut

Perhaps one of the most intriguing Nazca Lines is nicknamed “the astronaut”.

There are many people who believe that the astronaut geoglyph supports the theory that the Nazca Lines have a connection to extraterrestrials. That this “astronaut” figure is the physical depiction of the aliens that visited the people of Nazca all those years ago.

The theory follows that the lines functioned as a kind of landing strip for these ancient aliens, which (in this theory) makes sense since the lines can only be seen from the air and the astronomical accuracy of the lines only supports this further.

I’m not subscribing to any of these theories but the fact remains, these lines are a colossal mystery which has astounded and perplexed archeologists and researchers since its discovery. We may never find out exactly why these lines were made or what purpose they served but we will always wonder.

We know so little of this world, and those who can’t see that, are blind to the nature of things.

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